5 Kickstarters You Should Back this Month

We’ve selected some creative novelties worth investment.

Facebook Partners with Jo Cox Foundation to Launch a New Initiative

The site is encouraging users to counter hate speech online.

Snapchat Just Transformed How You Can Connect With Friends

They’ve built an entire new world for your fingertips.

Is Plastic Surgery Becoming an Art-Form?

Plastic surgery is losing its stigma and becoming the norm.

Apple Presents New Switch Commercials

The tech giant wants you to know that iPhones aren’t basic bitches.

Facebook Adds a Food Delivery Option to Its Website and App

Just in case you weren’t spending enough time on Facebook already.

There’s a New Report on Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

#StatusOfMind reports that our favourite apps could generate anxiety disorders.

The Most Loved Brands on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter on the wall, what’s the loveliest brand of them all?

The Neighbourhood Guide to The Smart Market in 2017

Although wearables and tech-related fashion products are not the most sought after wardrobe pieces, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Communicating in a Digital World

Dating has found a new means of communication: just to not talk at all.